Nilavai Konduvaa: Some true-blue hormonal magic!

Random thoughts on one of the most tastefully done sensual songs of the nineties, Nilavai Konduvaa

– Mani Prabhu


Now, this is a stunner that screams SJ Surya in every passing frame.

The girl holds the reigns throughout. And that’s the bloody beauty of it.

Vaali gets down to business right away. The lady, hopelessly drunk on love, suggests every possible way to stretch the night. She craves for the moments to freeze. Its the kind of sensual jabber that permeates steamy twilight hours. We feel the high.

Her bottled-up desires start exploding into assertive commands. The man simply concurs. At least to start with. The impish subversion catches on us, like a charm.

Deva is operating outside of his comfort zone here. But surprisingly, nails it with the right blend of western orchestration and our very own music.

One moment he is playing around with suggestive percussions and the next moment, he smoothly segues into classical Hindustani. If that isn’t enough to silence the doubters, he follows it up with a textured version of ‘Kaakai Siraginiley’ from nowhere. The man, for sure, lives the aura.

But then, eclipsing many of these vivid details, two women own the song completely, making it breathe the ‘mood’ like no other.

Just listen to Anuradha Sriram’s trippy responses to Unni Krishnan’s teasing propositions and you would know,

அவசரம் கூடாது அனுமதி தரும் வரையில்…

பொதுவா நான் சொன்னா, நீ சொன்னபடி கேட்கும் சாது!

Unni retorts with a wily “இது போன்ற விசயத்தில் உன் பேச்சி உதவாது!”

But, before you could snap out of this yummy repartee, Anuradha reclaims her dominance with a tone that reeks of intoxicated passion…

மெல்ல இடையினை தொடுவாயா
மெல்ல உடையினை களைவாயா
நான் துடிக்கையில் வெடிக்கையில் முத்தங்கள் தருவாயா!

And boy, Simran! The actress plays this moment with such a bullish, sensual grace that you almost forget to blink. The kind of hormonal magic that lives up to the involuntary gape.



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